The First Chapter


Trogin - Gin Distillery Melbourne

Trogin speaks to our love of
heritage, home and Greek mythology. For generations, Greek mythology has gripped and fascinated
the minds of people, long since the fall of ancient Greece. These stories have
been told and retold, and whilst there are several versions and retellings of
these tales, one thing remains constant – people’s love for it.

Modern-day phrases like 'Achilles Heel', 'Pandora's Box', 'Trojan Horse' and 'Midas Touch'
all owe their origin to Greek mythology, showing their relevance to this day. 
Made in a Melbourne gin distillery, Our Golden Apple Gin is the best!

It’s the perfect marriage of quintessential Australian botanicals and quality Greek
juniper berries.  Old-world roots meet modern-day palates: try Golden Apple Gin over crushed ice, with your favourite brand of tonic.
Or you can turn the tide and try one of our signature cocktail recipes
like the Clouds of Olympus (gin fizz) or Helen’s Heart (martini).  

Every sip tells a story.