Our Gin + Our Process

Our Gin

Definitely not to be mistaken for your run-of-the-mill London Dry, our first batch “Golden Apple Gin” is the perfect blend of quintessential Australian botanicals and quality Macedonian juniper berries. The Golden Apple is the true hero of this story, backed by native Australian warriors like lemon myrtle, liquorice root and star anise. It’s Greek mythology with an Aussie accent.

But don’t take it from us, our independent assessor has the scoop....

Nose: A lovely perfumed nose of medium intensity - fruit and floral top notes reveal earthy juniper and hint at an underlying sweetness.

Palate: Juniper and apple are intertwined on the front palate, rounding out with deeper earth and spice notes through the mid-palate.

Balance: Good balance, good mouthfeel. No dominating botanicals ... they all work together and are well balanced. A lovely smooth mouthfeel.

Finish: A lovely gradual, descending finish…this finish falls away like a gentle slope 

Our Process

Our happy hours are spent sitting around Midas – our legendary copper still workhorse! In ancient Greek mythology, everything King Midas touched turned to gold.  A fitting title for our hero, given that our precious copper still is where our melting pot makes the liquid gold.

Here’s the steamy part - we use a vapour infusion method of gin distillation, so our botanicals never actually come into contact with the base spirit. Instead, we place our lightly-crushed juniper berries, quarter-cut golden apples and signature botanicals into the gin basket. As the neutral base spirit evaporates, it rises through Midas and infuses the botanicals as it boils. This infused vapour condenses into a liquid and then we add natural spring water to the gin to get our final bottle strength of 40% ABV.

We love Midas’ warrior spirit, working overtime to produce the perfect balance of floral top notes, earthy juniper, aromatic lemon myrtle and a crisp apple finish. He never lets his ego get in the way of a great gin!