Our Story

We are a brother, sister duo who grew up listening to bedtime stories about ancient Greek mythology.  Stories about humans and immortals inhabiting the same world, which was sometimes perilous, sometimes exciting. We became obsessed with all things Greek mythology, it became ingrained in our everyday life.  We would often role play triumphant gods, goddesses, larger-than-life heroes and strange mythical creatures.

The Trojan War story runs deep in our family, as it put our parent’s birthplace on the map.  The little Island of Tenedos, where the Greek’s hid their fleet of ships whilst the Trojans pulled the infamous Trojan horse into their city, is where our parents were born.

Fast forward 30 plus years, and our kids are now studying the same myths and tales at Greek School, often retelling their learnings to us!

From Archilles and Zeus to Helen of Troy, we believe Greek myths still speak to the modern world. Stories that evoke grand emotions of joy, sorrow, sacrifice, victory, jealousy and love, live on in Trogin.

Trogin pays homage to our ancestors whilst using native Australian botanicals.  It’s a nod to Greek mythology with an Aussie accent.