Trogin Golden Apple Gin

This is our first ever gin release and as its namesake suggests, golden apples truly are the hero in this gin.  It has a classic juniper backbone, re-imagined with native Australian botanicals and golden delicious apples.  Think fruit and floral top notes on the nose, intertwined with deeper earth and spice on the mid palate, rounded out with a lingering sweet apple finish.  We often refer to it as liquid gold!

Our Golden Apple Gin is steeped in history. Rewind to around 700BC and the golden apple inscribed with the words “for the fairest” ultimately sparked the beginning of the Trojan War.

So, it’s fair to say that apples are important, not just to the gods, but in our gin too!

Without the gods around to assert their divine authority and judge our golden apple gin, we’re leaving this task to you.

Must be 18 years and older to purchase this product.